Thursday, September 2, 2010


Happy Thursday everyone.

Here is a little more eye candy for you. Costumes that were designed for Chicago.  This was another fun show to be involved with, both on stage and behind the scenes. 

Full Cast Photo

"Hunyak" The Hungarian.  Awesome shot.

When Velma takes the stand....

Roxie:  Me and my baybee...

"We Both Reached for the Gun"

Cell Block TANGO!

My, isn't she beautiful...  In everyone there is " A Little Bit of Good"
Mary Sunshine


HOT... Cell Block Tango

I'm Pregnant!!!

Amos and Billy... How much???

All I Care About is Love


Mama Morton... "When You're Good to Mama"

Well, I hope you enjoy this little look into the costuming of "Chicago".  It was a very dark palate, with pops of color.  The director wanted to go with a mainly black stage and costumes, and bits of color interspersed with the colors.  Velma was black and red, Roxie was black and pink, Amos was black and earth tones, Billy was black and white pinstripe with red and pink accents, depending on who he was with, Mary Sunshine was black and yellow, Mama was black and metallic silver or gold. 

Next time we will take a look at "Camelot".

I hope you enjoy and have a nice Thursday. 

As always, let me know if you have any questions.

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