Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Full Monty

Enjoy some pictures from another show that I costumed and starred in, The Full Monty.  Although I didn't get the part I auditioned for, I had some great songs to sing.  This was a fun show to be in, and because of where we performed it, there were of course, a few changes made.  The language was cleaned up a bit, and it was more of the 90% Monty.  What with the flood lights at the end of the show, and the red drawers left on the stage at the end of the show, it was enough for the imagination.

Enjoy, and let me know if you have any questions or comments. 

The Guys from the mill.
Hi.  I'm Malcolm.  I live at home with my mother.
I need a friend.
That's my car.

On the town

What does he have that I don't.  A JOB.
Whoa there fella.
Can I bum a cig?
This is how you kill yourself.
I put my finger in a socket once.  Hurt real bad, but it didn't kill me though.
You need a rock, a big ... rock.
OOOhhh, like Carly Simon once sang....
I've got FRIENDS.
Ma, don't worry. 

Dance class.
Life with Harold.
Step, Step, cha cha cha.
This one time....
Big Black Man
Oh Yeah.
Jeannette's showbiz number
You're hired.
Can you believe those guys

You Walk With Me.
Is it the wind, over my shoulder
We have to wear what?
Looking SHARP.
Ba dum dum Ba
Let It Go!
In Unison
Still together.
Wait for it...

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