Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Halloween Request

Well, My little one has put in her request for this year's outfit. 

We have done the Lobster.

The Fancy French Hen.

The Peacock.

And Now....  Drum Roll Please......................

The Tree Frog.

Sophia has been fascinated with The Princess and the Frog Movie since we took her on her birthday last year opening day.  So I took advantage of that and made my version of a Tiana Dress for her to wear to Disney when we went.  She loved it and was a hit.  Now she wants a frog costume, but not the movie frogs.  She wants to be a tree frog, but not just the ordinary tree frog.  a Purple Tree frog with red eyes, and pink and blue spots.  So we hit up Hancock Fabrics when they had their anniversary 53% off sale and purchased the required colors in fleece.  I will be drafting a tree frog costume in the next couple of weeks.  Pictures and production photos to follow.

What interesting Halloween costumes have you been requested to make for your friends and family? 
Any photos? 
Suggestions to make a great tree frog?  

Happy Sewing!


denise@thebluegardenia.com said...

I love the fancy French hen!

J.J. said...

Thanks Denise. Love what you are doing with the Sewing Spaces articles too. It is great to find new inspiration out there.