Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Family Costumes

Happy Friday Everyone.  I hope that you enjoy looking at some of the costumes that I have made for my family below.  It includes the Halloween costumes that I have made for my daughter.  We love Halloween, and I have had an animal kick the last few years, but she is just so cute in them.  Also, my wife and I decided that we better go ahead and make the interesting costumes that we both like, because there will probably be many Fairy Princesses in the future.  Once she has more of a say in what she wants to be, it will be interesting.  It is our mission though not to go with store bought costumes.  We have the abilities, there is no reason in the world that we can't make her the best, most interesting princess costume, if that is what she wants to be. 

We go to Boo at the Zoo every year at the St. Louis Zoo, and we always get so many compliments on her costumes.  The Zoo workers have started looking for us now, and lots of people stop us to take pictures of her costumes.  It is very flattering.  We have decided this year to make business cards that I can pass out for people who might be interested in a new hand made, custom, one of a kind costume themselves.  Don't worry, at the end of this message, I will give you some of the costume ideas that Sophia has chosen for herself for the next few years.  This kid doesn't forget anything.  I know, it doesn't have to be Halloween to make and wear costumes.  Trust me, i do know this, she has a larger dress up chest than most kids have clothes. 
Halloween 2007.  Rock Lobster.  Still my FAVE.

Lobster and Alligator (the Alligator is her cousin and it was a purchased costume)

Halloween 2008.  Fancy French Hen (See the beret and French Scarf)

Soooo cute.

Henny Penny Profile.

Look, Steak & Eggs.  Ha Ha Ha.  I did make both if these costumes.

Ready to call it quits and nest-le down.

Wait for IT....



Halloween 2009
Thirsty Peacock.
Sophia decided at the Zoo in 2008 that she wanted to be a Peacock the next year, so I decided to make it happen.  All together, 120 peacock feathers, and about fifteen hours of work.  It was worth it.  You won't believe how many people asked where we bought that high grade of costume, and what a pleasure it was to tell them that it wasn't purchased, it was made by me.  The special costumes like these, we let her play with for a little while, but then we have carefully preserved them for the future.  

Last year, she decided that this year she wants to be a Tree Frog, and then next year she wants to be a penguin AND a wolf.  I said that was a very interesting choice, and if she meant that to be the next three years costumes, she said no.  She wants her left side to be a Puffin Penguin, and her right side to be a white wolf.  We'll have to see if that is still what she wants to be after I finish designing the Tree Frog for this year.  I mean, I do know how to do a half man half woman costume.  How much harder could a half penguin, half wolf be???  We shall see.


Emily said...

Your costumes are so creative, detailed, and awesome! Good luck with the hybrid costume. :)

J.J. said...

Thanks Emily. It is a real joy to sew for family. We decided on a Tree Frog for this year. The Hybrid will have to wait till another time.

Morgane @ Bear,Dolly and Moi said...

you made some really nice costumes, quite unusual! My favorite would be the peacock! very impressive talent!

AllieMakes! said...

Well done!
You should come link this up to my Making It With Allie Link Party! I think it would make a Fabulous addition!

Candace said...

The peacock costume is amazing!

Chloe Anderson said...

one of the best collection of family costumes!

J.J. said...

Thanks Chloe. We are thinking a Pink Flamingo will be added this year.