Tuesday, October 26, 2010



Will this never end.  I am in my third draft of the tree frog head, and hopefully the third time is the charm.  The body of the costume is so cute,  I don't want to settle for a mediocre frog head and eyes.  My camera is currently not working so again, pics will be to come.  Better yet, we will unveil the whole costume. 

I have also been advised that next year for Halloween she wants to be Rapunzel for Halloween , and a puffin penguin for the Boo at the Zoo we attend every year.  Well, I guess I can start planning now, and see what fabrics go on sale.   

Hope your sewing is going well. 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tree Frog Update

The body of the costume is complete.  It is SO CUTE.   I even altered the back of the costume so that it is a little more round stuffed and frog like.  I was advised that this needs to be a girl frog, since last years costume was a boy peacock.  I said we will try.  Tonight I will be working on the head piece.  That one will take a trial muslin or two to get the correct shape.  Hopefully pics by Friday of this week. 

It is made from fleece in the following colors: 
Electric Blue


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tree Frog

The fabric is cut out, unfortunately, I have found out that I am horrible at taking progress pictures.  I was so into the sewing moment, that I forgot to take pics.  It is a basic drafted body suit with a front and back drafted piece.  I am installing a sipper in the front, with a tummy cover.  I did spend my evening last night sewing wonderfully colored frog spots.  I have 24 so far.  I am going to add the spots before I sew the front and back together.  I think it will be easier that way. 

I still have to cut out the head piece and construct a frog face, but that will probably be tomorrow evening or Thursday nite.  I think I will base the drafting lines off of a football.  Sounds weird, but I think it will give the look we want.

Finished pics will come along as soon as it is complete.  I promise.

Here is a sour looking bat to tide you over.

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I Hear the Prophet Callin'

I have started preparations for our annual Christmas Concert this year.  We have a wonderful church choir.  We average about 20 people for year round Sunday morning specials.  For special services, Christmas, Easter, Patriotic, Thanksgiving, Choir Concerts, we may have 30 or more.  This is GREAT for a volunteer choir.  I and our church are very blessed to have such a great group of singers.  I feel that we have one of the best choirs in our area. 

Having just come off of our August choral concert, "Songs for the Soul", we started working on our Christmas Cantata at the end of August.  You might say early, but when I only have about a 1 hour rehearsal a week, time slips by fast with only 16 rehearsals.  I actually picked out this years Cantata last Christmas. 

Last year was my first time as the Choir Director / Music Minister at our church, and I wanted to perform something that was a little more traditional but beautiful.  We performed Joel Raney's "The Promise of Light".  It was a beautiful piece for the choir to perform.  With this year's piece, "I Hear the Prophet Callin'" by Pepper Choplin, it is unlike anything we have performed before ( I would know because I have also been a member of this church since 1992, before becoming the Music Minister).  The music has a very folksy / appalachian type feel to it.  Lots of lovely minor harmonies, and instruments that you do not hear all the time.

Here is a link to the page.  You can listen to some of the songs and narrations used in this wonderful Cantata, http://www.lorenz.com/product.aspx?id=65%2f2005L.

Product Image

Here is the link to "The Promise of Light", by Joel Raney that we performed Christmas 2009.  http://www.hopepublishing.com/html/main.isx?sub=31&workid=3030
You can also listen to excerpts there as well.

Here we are, it is not even Halloween yet, and we are practicing Christmas Music.  But guess what?  I am also looking for an Easter Musical now also.  I have my family so confused with all of the music going around.  I hate to wait to the last minute, and want to be prepared.  When Christmas is over, we will have about 14-16 rehearsals to get ready for Easter.  On top of all of our regular service music that we will be learning to keep things fresh and new. 

While we are at it, here is this past years Easter Musical.
http://www.wordmusic.com/item/080689423178 LOOK TO THE LAMB, Created & Arranged by Tom Fettke, Orchestrated by Russell Mauldin, Narrations by Deborah Craig-Claar.  Sound clips also available. 

If you are looking for some wonderful pieces for your choir to perform, I would recommend all 3 of these. 

And, once I have Easter picked out, I will let you know... and then Memorial Day...and Mothers Day... Fathers Day...4th of July.....  I better slow down.  I don't want to wear the choir out.

Let me know if you have seen or been involved in any musicals that you recommend I should take a look at.