Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Hope you have a blessed day, and that you get to sew if you have a long weekend.

I do, and we are cleaning, decorating, and possibly a little sewing  in there too.

After today, we can think about Christmas.

Crazy Holiday schedule, here we come.

Monday, November 8, 2010


Here are a few more costumes I have designed and constructed.


100 year centennial costumes.  We came in 2nd place. (A little bitter as these 3 costumes were completely hand made.  The 1st place winner went to a costume shop, and her costume wasn't even period.  Did I mention that she offered money to the judges pulled out from her bosom, but I digress.)

Victorian Bustle Costume

Look, a clock


Costumes from "A Christmas Carol"

A Christmas Carol flashback



I didn't make her clothes, but I did make the princess inspired high chair cover for her princess birthday party.  I kept the tray skirt, and turned it into a petticoat for her dress up trunk.

Lobster.  This has been here before, but this is one of my favorite pics.

Gratuitous Chihuahua pics.  This is Zeus looking up.

Aphrodite is the white Chihuahua, and Camilla is the long hair Chihuahua.

She was a fashionista from the beginning.  Love this pic too.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Long Awaited Tree Frog

Well, I was finally able to get the pics of the tree frog costume.
This costume took about 18 hours to finish.  The frog head was the worst.  I had the most trouble getting a good fit, and having it look like a frog.  Still one of my favorites though.  I hope you enjoy.

Boo at the Zoo Costume Preview

Spots and frog hump

Sophia says "Daddy can I be a Dragon Next Year?"

On the train

Hangin with my peeps

Tree frog huggin a tree frog.

End of the day

Halloween night.

Hoppin around

Frog eyes

Hoppin and ribbittin away.

It was a great couple of days and weekend.  There were just a couple of changes from the first appearance at boo at the zoo and Halloween night.  At Boo at the Zoo the costume had separate gloves that slipped over her hands.  That did not work very well and she would not keep them on.  For Halloween I attached them to the sleeves of the costume, and added a slit for her hands to come out, and an elastic strap to hold onto, much better.  I also added some Velcro to the back of the hood and the back of the costume.  That way her neck didn't show, and if she wanted to slip the hood off she could. 

She stayed plenty warm all evening, and never complained about being cold.  For next year Halloween she said that she wants to be Rapunzel.  That will be a fun one to create ,but I already told her that she will have two costumes.  We go to the zoo every year for Halloween, and I like to make the animal costumes for that.  she said that is fine,. and she is considering three costumes for next year.



Pink Flamingo

I have no preference, and it will be fun creating any one of those.

We did meet a few people who have remembered us from years past.  One lady said that, I have a picture of you as my screen saver from last year.  I was hoping to see you again this year.  We all got a kick out of that.  I need to remember to make some business cards to take with me next year.  I can't believe how many people asked me if I sew for others.  

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Work Contest

We had a Halloween decorating/costume contest for work last Friday.  As a last minute decision (the Thursday prior) we decided to go with a People of Walmart theme.  If you have not seen this site, it is worth a visit. 

Here are a few pics of our department.

Gotta Love the People of Walmart

Group Photo

Group  Close Up

Again, Why do I need a boyfriend?

Tater tots, Shorties and Mullets


Here is my inspiration photo:

Why so Serious?

Tree frog costumes are on their way.  I am hoping to have them up in the next 2 days.

Oh, and we won our work contest also.  We get a pizza party provided by our work.  Not too bad for a costume that cost $0.00.  Everything was in our costume room.