Monday, November 8, 2010


Here are a few more costumes I have designed and constructed.


100 year centennial costumes.  We came in 2nd place. (A little bitter as these 3 costumes were completely hand made.  The 1st place winner went to a costume shop, and her costume wasn't even period.  Did I mention that she offered money to the judges pulled out from her bosom, but I digress.)

Victorian Bustle Costume

Look, a clock


Costumes from "A Christmas Carol"

A Christmas Carol flashback



I didn't make her clothes, but I did make the princess inspired high chair cover for her princess birthday party.  I kept the tray skirt, and turned it into a petticoat for her dress up trunk.

Lobster.  This has been here before, but this is one of my favorite pics.

Gratuitous Chihuahua pics.  This is Zeus looking up.

Aphrodite is the white Chihuahua, and Camilla is the long hair Chihuahua.

She was a fashionista from the beginning.  Love this pic too.

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