Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Hello blogging world. It is certainly a pleasure to meet you. I have been a fan of many blogs out there for a while, and have recently decided to try my hand at it. This will be a journey for all of us. To start off, I will be showing you some creations of my own, and others that have been created for me by a dear friend. When at all possible, I try to do my own sewing, but occasionally time does not allow. I cannot tell you how many shows I have costumed, and also been in where either mine, or my families costumes were the last thing produced for the show, often times not there until opening night. I hope to remedy that in the future, and start working on Family First. Right?

To start here is a little peak at my wife and I.

Such a cute Clock and Wardrobe.

Look, Working Doors and Drawers. Amazing. All on a PVC frame.

Cute aren't we. This is from a production of "Beauty and the Beast" that we were in, and that I was one of the costumer's. This was a great show to costume. So much fun. This is a picture from a dress rehearsal, so the costumes are not completely finished yet, but you get the basic idea.

Another great show that I costumed and was in is "Wizard of OZ". I must admit, this is still one of my most favorite rolls to play. I have been the same character in four different productions now, and I never get tired of it. Thi sone was also fun to costume. Here is a pic from that one, again, this is a dress rehearsal, and the costumes weren't completely finished yet.

This was also a production that I costumed, and after the fourth time in the show, we had a little more fun with the costumes. For Instance, We opened the show with all Sepia Toned costumes to get the movie feel. Our Munchkinland Scenes, were all in shades of blues and purples, because, if you pay attention, BLUE is their favorite COLOR. Also, Glinda is in blue as well, in a very reminiscent style as Glinda's bubble dress from the opening of Wicked.

Well, I will go for now. Let me know what you think? I will focus more on some of the shows one at a time, and post some more photos of them as well. Maybe I will create a Flickr account, and then you can browse all of the photos. What do you think? Would you like to see more of this style.

As I said before, let's take this little journey together shall we. I will be showing you some items from my portfolio along the way, and maybe some tips and tricks along the way as well. I hope to leaarn as well as teach. Let me know if you have any questions, and what you are up to.

Happy sewing.


One more pic. These are rip away costumes that I designed and made for "The Full Monty"

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